Why do you want to work in this company?

Applicants who have already placed their application on the website www.myonlinejobcentre.co.uk. It is usually quick to be called on to proceed to the next interview process and usually, the interview process can provide many questions that trap you. Be careful with this one question, because this question is very tricky. When you get this question you want to be able to answer it wisely. Do not just be big money-oriented while you work in a company. Although humans do have a fairness when looking for money, you must state this in impartially (suggestive). You must be honest, and if you are interested in the salary of the company, just say that you want to be more productive again and want to welcome a brighter future again.

Of course, the answer above is an example. You do not have to go with that answer because each person has different reasons and views on a company he proposes. It could be an applicant applying for a job in a company because of a good work culture. There are also people who apply because he likes the leader and his management, and other reasons. So answer the above questions honestly, wisely and most importantly can make you look more productive.