Important Concerns about Depression

Depression is not a strange thing in the ears of the world community and its sufferers can be found easily in the neighborhood around us This disease is one of the mental health disorders that occurred for at least two weeks or more that affect the mindset, feelings, mood (mood) and how to deal with everyday activities.

Depression is not just a feeling of sadness, but a clinical illness with high morbidity and mortality. Understanding clinical depression is a symptom of severe depression that can interfere with the ability of patients to work, sleep, study, eat, and enjoy life, so for those who experience it is advisable to immediately visit a psychiatrist who specializes in handling people who are depressed. And also recommended visiting

Depression is not the opposite of happiness. Depression is not a very deep sadness, although sadness is part of depression. Depression is a condition of loss of life spirits. The mindset becomes distorted or distorted (may come to the stage of delusion) while feeling depressed. Your relationship with family and relatives, the purpose of life, even the inner feelings seem to have no meaning at all. The great physical and psychological pain you feel and you will feel helpless and full of fear.